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Dianna Agron and Paz de la Huerta play lovers in Purple Milk's "Bare"

Natalia Leite and Alexandra Roxo are trying to make your dreams come true. Together the filmmakers are Purple Milk, a production company that is currently editing their collaborative feature Bare, starring Dianna Agron and Paz de la Huerta (Boardwalk Empire) as lovers.

“[This] young girl, played by Dianna, comes from Nevada and she meets this older woman, played by Paz, an enigmatic figure and they have a relationship that’s like two souls connecting,” Natalia said. “They don’t really figure it out at first, I think. But it’s more like they’re drawn to each other and Paz, the Pepper character, convinces her to get a job at a truck stop strip club and it gets wild from there.”

Natalia and Alexandra said they weren’t aware of how big of a lesbian following Dianna Agron had from her role on Glee, but as soon as she was cast, they found out.

“I was so surprised,” Natalia said. “We did not know that she was huge in the lesbian community. I think it was actually better that we didn’t know because it was based on her as an actress and literally a few weeks later after shooting, we were like, ‘Holy shit! There are people who have devoted their lives to her.’ It’s really like almost kind of a funny bonus for the movie.”

"There was like a period of two weeks where people knew Dianna was in it and knew the concept but didn’t know who her lover was going to be,” Alexandra said, “and we were getting all these tweets of people like ‘hashtag petition for Lea Michele to be Dianna’s lesbian lover in Bare.’”

Achele fans might be disappointed that Lea did not, ultimately, get cast in the role, but she wouldn’t fit for the part that Paz de la Huerta “really committed to,” Natalia said. As Pepper, Paz is a strong influence on Dianna’s character, Sarah, which leads to a lot of discovery.

“I think a lot of it is about someone carving out their own path in life instead of accepting what’s predetermined for them,” Natalia said. “We have control over our future, in a way. We might have been born into this family or social class or economical situation—whatever it is, living in this town is very much going by the book, and she finds a possibility for another life in a world she never thought was an option for her. And just kind of taking a chance and making some choices, being proactive despite of the fact it’s the right or the wrong thing to do. It’s not like black and white. She’s figuring out what her own path is.”

Bare is currently in post-production and is poised for a 2015 festival premiere.

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"This is one of those things that makes me think you actors are very good. No, it’s just the way that you actually have to do it. You know, you’ve got 40 people around you in a room, guys with microphones and everything, and suddenly you’ve got to do it for real.

But she does it so…She’s completely brilliant. It’s not just that she cries…

I clearly didn’t direct her at all this day, she just did it all herself.”

Richard Curtis.  DVD Audio commentary of Love Actually. 

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